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The group was formed in September 1931 (the first meeting 22nd September) and except for a break from May 1935 to March 1936 has function continuously ever since. It was originally known as the 6th Ipswich Boy Scout Group. As the name implies it was the 6th group to be formed in the Ipswich District and it catered for the scouting needs of the boys in the North Ipswich, Brassall and Tivoli areas, meeting at St. Thomas' Institute Hall, the first girls joined the group in 1991.

After six years in 2nd Ipswich Troop, Roy Wilkinson on reaching Scouter age, had ideas of a troop of his own, preferably in North Ipswich. He approached Rev. James Hall, rector of St. Thomas' Church of England with the idea. Rev. Hall readily agreed and helped to get the troop started; the nucleus of the group being boys from St. Thomas'. Being only 18, Roy was only able to hold a Provisional Warrant of Assistant Scout Master and he had to have someone of mature age to be in charge. A friend of his, a Mr Gordon Stewart, who had scouting experience agreed to help. Gordon Stewart became the Scouter-in-Charge and looked after the Cubs and Roy looked after the Scouts.

The first Scouts were Len Johns (who became Troop Leader), Arthur Brown (later a Patrol Leader), Jack Adams (later a Patrol Leader), James Johnson (later a Patrol Leader), Rex Corr (later a Second), Elwood Summerville (later a Second), Rodney Kelly, Rodney Turner, Frank Gehrmann - later members in the early years Ted Wiseman, James Burkett, Alan McCarroll, Elwyn Evans, Jack Mather, Young Thompson.

The first Cubs were Steve Johns (later in Scouts), Frank Surman, George Chesworth, Tommy Rew.

When Gordon Stewart relinquished his position with the Cubs, Mr. A.R. (Fred) Boulter took his place as Cub Master.  Fred had been an Army and Railway Ambulance man and had previously been helpful as a First Aid Instructor.  He was also a sick man, resulting from his 1st World War injuries and his friend, Rob Donald came along to help. When Fred reluctantly resigned, Bob became Cub Master, and later had help from W.F. (Frank) Brigginshaw.  Norm Campbell, with help from Les. G. Doig (for a short time), followed in Roy Wilkinson's footsteps as Scout Master.

Below is an extract from the 80Th Anniversary Celebration booklet, if you would like a complete copy please contact us and we will e-mail it to you.